Thursday, September 24, 2015

Brian's 10 favourite activities

I was inspired by my friends Chris Cavert and Sam Sikes to make my own top 10 list. Here are 10 of my favourite go-to activities:

Four Quad - Quicksilver
Frantic - Silver Bullets
Six Count - The Empty Bag
Group Juggle/Warp Speed - Silver Bullets
Switch, Change, Rotate - The Empty Bag
Bullring (many variations including golf and barrel of monkeys) - Teamwork and Teamplay
Walking Partner Tag/Cyclops Tag - Bottomless Bag
Great to See You - Backpocket Adventures
Handshakes - Teamwork and Teamplay
Partner Sequence - New Games and other books - a bit of a cheat because it involves multiple activities, but it is one sequence that works to build connection and trust

Check out to find the books where these activities can be found.

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